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New Story out today!!

This one is part of the 'Pour Some Sugar On It' anthology. My story is 'One Foxy Man' which is another tale from The Body Shop and is about how Aoi and Itsuki got together. You can find the antho here:  http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3005

I haven't been writing much lately but hopefully that will change with the new year. I guess I just have to poke the muses a little harder. *sigh* 

Where the hell is my brain today...

 I was going through my old posts and noticed that I mentioned the mead and beer me and the hubby were making once or twice but never mentioned them again... Anyway, the first batch of mead came out a little odd. It tasted like alcohol but not mead, the second batch turned out properly and has been bottled and is aging until we get around to drinking it or giving it away. The beer came out fine and tastes pretty good, according to our friends. We currently have a batch of cider going but we'll see how that comes out. The cold weather has been screwing with the fermentation so I'm not sure how that's going to come out. After that maybe more mead or beer.

Happy New Year

I think... Granted we're all of four days into the new year but we'll see how it goes. 

It's been a slow start, though. Had people over for New Year's eve and made turkey soup, which was a good thing since I was getting over part 2 of the Christmas cold and the mysterious eye inflammation that wouldn't go away and the hubby was coming down with a chest cold. So we spent the weekend eating soup and watching Stargate SG-1. I was going to try and get some writing done but that kind of went out the window. (I really need to start watching tv shows when they're actually on tv instead of trying to catch up when they're on netflicks...)  I did get some weaving done yesterday (I finished another scarf which the hubby has claimed) and the loom is warped and ready to go for another project (yes, another scarf... this one's for me, though.) and I am going to try to get some writing done tonight, since my sci-fi muses are getting a little impatient with me. Hopefully once it starts warming up, I'll feel more productive. All I really want to do is go home and go back to bed.

I also have a squirrel army to work on... *sigh*

Okay, where did november go?

I have been seriously lacking in the posts lately... oops. Again, life has been complicated, it's been cold, at least for Southern California and I've been sick since around Thanksgiving.  Stupid cold...

On a happier note, I have a new story out. It's called 'Shoreleave' and is part of the holiday sips from Torquere. In this one you get to meet Rune and Brann who live and work on a starship called the Pandora. Brann doesn't like to leave the ship but Rune talks him into a little holiday fun while they're planet side for repairs.

Also, 'Better Late than Never' my story in the Gamer taste test has been rereleased as a stand alone story. That happened back in november but I kept forgeting to post about it.

Now, I just have to ponder Christmas shopping... *sigh*

new stories...

I know I've been lurking lately... Life's been complicated but not in any sort of interesting way. Anyway, I have two new stories out today. 

The first is 'Through the Woods' which is about Aren who has just moved back to his grandparents house and the small town he grew up it. He's looking for a new start but ends up with Corvin, an old friend who is a lot more than he seems. This is part of the Spice It Up line.

The second story is 'One Hell of a Day Off' and involves Frankie and his tanuki lover, Aki. It's there usual day off from The Body Shop and Frankie is puttering around the house with nothing to do, at least until Aki comes home from his shopping trip... This one's part of the Make Up Toybox.

Both stories are available at the Torquere Press Website.

Very Very distracted...

I should have posted this sooner but I kept forgetting/getting distracted by other things. Anyways, 'What to Do On a Friday Night' is now available as a stand alone story from Torquere. It was originally part of the Words toybox and involved Aoi, Itsuki and a game of strip scrabble.

In other writing news, I have a story in the Make Up Toybox which should be out soon and a new story in the Spice It Up line called 'Through the Woods'.  I really should be writing more but I just haven't been in the mood. Okay, and I've been distracted by small wool animals, angry birds and Halloween.

At least I'm not pondering a costume two or three days before the day... that's a good sign... right?

Oh, and mead is still going...but now there's beer too. We'll see how that goes.
 New hobby in progress... I started needle felting last week or so. You basically sculpt wool into shapes by stabbing it with a special needle. It's actually kind of fun as long as you don't stab yourself. I made two foxes and a squirrel so far and plans for more animals as soon as I get more wool. I'm also hopelessly addicted to Angry Birds... but that's another story entirely.  I'm still weaving, too. Things just got a little easier for that now that I have a warping board. 

There is also a second batch of mead going and a batch of beer too. We were a little worried about the beer yesterday but it seems to be doing its thing. I've been trying to read up on beer a little more but it's kind of complicated and the beer books are starting to hurt my brain.

Oh, and before I forget. two more of my stories have been renewed with Torquere. What to do on a Friday Night (originally from the Words toybox and Better Late Than Never (originally from Taste Test: Gamers) will be out again as stand alone stories.

On a random note...

 I made butter last night... not that it's hard but I'm still kind of excited. (You put heavy cream in a jar and shake the crap out of it and eventually it becomes butter.) Next on the list of stuff to make is honey lime mustard, hot sauce and maybe homemade oreos just because. The mead may need a redo since we're having fermentation issues but that has to wait until the honey shows up. At some point there will be more writing too.

Damn you real life...

This update had long been over do.  I've had at least two stories (okay, maybe three I don't remember) come out since I last updated my lj. One story is new, that one is Cooking Lesson which is part of the Cherry On Top anthology and involves my werewolves Fen and Loki. The other one is the rerelease of Between a Fox and a Hard Place. All three parts are now in one book with a spiffy new cover.

Finding Trouble, my first story with Kale and Dante as main characters was also rereleased back in july but I don't remember if I mentioned that earlier or not.

My site also needs updating. Some of the links are out of date and I have to add some of the new stories too.

Yeah, I'm behind, thanks to the moving and the trip home. I will be caught up, though...eventually.

At least I got the story I was working on done. Now, I can get back to my other work in progress. Oh, and the weaving...

There's also mead fermenting (at least in theory) in my kitchen too. Hopefully that will work out too.

Now posting from a different house...

I'm not big on change. It makes me nervous and fret and run around in circles. Moving obviously is a big change and one that I'm dealing with currently. I'm in a new writing spot in a new place and I can't find anything since lots of stuff is still tucked away in boxes. *Sigh* At least we have internets again, though which helps a bit with the settling in. I'm not even going to go into the little driving adventure I had this morning going to work. The new place is pretty cool, though.

Okay, enough of that. I meant to update and that's what I'm going to do. On the writing front, I have two stories in the works. Once acutally has a due date and hopefully will be done in the next week or so. Also 'Tails and Teapots' with Frankie and his tanuki lover Aki has been re-released as a single shot classic through Torquere press.

That's about it, I thought I had more to say but my brain just went blank. It's been doing that a lot lately.